Apr 15, 2008



Oh, everything looks normal here...

Wait! What's that?

Is that thing OEM?

So here is the rest of the Auxilary Injection system. I got the Devil's Own 150 psi pump and the 1.5G tank. It mounted perfectly in the rear bin and actually looks like it belongs there.

The second stage injector is WAY bigger than the first stage. Right now, the first stage (pre-compressor) is R.O. water ONLY. The second stage (post-compressor) is pure methanol.

It is all wired into the MoTeC and went pretty smooth. So the MoTeC controls the AI system. Right now, the pump is on, or off. I don't yet have the ability to vary the output of the pump. The output from the pump is too high for the MoTeC, so it seems I will be looking for some type of resistor; then I will have optimal control of the volume that the pump provides.

The MoTeC also has an over-boost funtion. Now, if something in the system fails (like the wastegate) the MoTeC cuts all fuel at the injectors. I have some other fails-safes in the works.