Feb 15, 2006

The One

The One

After searching the country, I found a T2 in my own backyard. This one is about 40 miles north of Phoenix in Prescott Valley. I went to go see it once, and it was pretty fast. The body is REAL straight, other than a crack in on the bottom of the front bumper. It has been repainted, and could use a light buffing. But real nice.

Interior is less than perfect, but will give me a restoration project. Normal wear on the driver seat, cracked plastic parts, and messed up carpet... but it's in tact.

Last, but definetly not least, the engine pulls strong. It has an HKS blow-off valve, KnN air Filter, 10mm wires, a fuel cut defenser, and a 3" LOUD exhaust. Not too heavily modded. The last owner rebuilt the motor about 5k ago, but it seems a little dirty for a fresh rebuild. There seems to be oil on the drivers side of the engine and the turbo inlet duct is cracked.

Overall nice find, the price was right and I am excited to own a RX-7 again. Should be a fun project, and I plan on building a stong, slick car, inside and out.