Jun 30, 2009

Hot Day In the Desert

Here are some pics from Thunderbird Park in Glendale. Some of these pics really show the holograms in my paint, maybe that will be enough motivation for me to buff that crap out!
It was pretty hot out, but I think the shoot went well.

Sneaky Gauge

I got this Blitz Temp gauge to keep an eye on AITs, but it seems like the temp range is a little off. You can kinda keep an eye on the AITs. but I think I'll switch the probe over to the oil filter pedestal and try to find a gauge with a smaller range for AITs. I'll have to mount it a little better, but this is ok for now.

This sure is a sexy gauge, I almost hate to hide it in the glove box. It really doesn't match the rest of the gauges, and I hate to clutter the interior with more gauges.

Jun 29, 2009

I'm Black

Here are the grey T2 seats I've been using for a while. They are decent enough, but don't match the black interior.

I grabbed these black clothe seats from Subu9lulu recently. He is in FL and I'm in AZ, so we had to work out a shipping arrangement. We did some shopping and found Greyhound to be the cheapest. $80 from Orlando to Phoenix. Got them in a week, and they look great!

Half-way done and you can see how much better the black seats look!

Finally, my grey-to-black interior swap is DONE!

Jun 15, 2009

Interior Almost Complete

I got my car back from the shop on Friday morning. She got a new water pump and all new clutch hydraulics. The car is running smooth as can be. It is so much more enjoyable when shifting is effortless!!

I was happy to get her back, so I gave her a quick cleaning and started painting and installing some interior parts I've been meaning to get done.

Here is a
BEFORE on the ash tray... gross.

I used Krylon satin paint. It's a pretty close match, but I may try again with Semi-Flat black instead. Either way, it looks MUCH better

I had some grey vent lating around in perfect shape. So they got a coat of paint too.

This piece never came on a S4, but the S5 carpet had a hole pre-cut for it. I had to drill a couple holes into the side of the car to get this shelf piece to mount in the S4. It wasn't rocket science, but it definitely helps the interior look more complete and natural. The light isn't functional yet, but there are some wires from the old speaker amps I think I can use.

I don't have this piece anywhere, but a local guy said he has it and is going to hook me up this week.

The rear cargo cover was missing the little mounting rod on one side, so my cover never really closed properly, and was sagging in the middle. I went to HD and got an aluminum 3/8" rod, cut it, drilled a couple hole in each end, and mounted it all the way across the cover. Now it has support on both sides and a little more stiffness in the center. I painted it black too...

All I need to completely complete my interior is:
the passenger A-trim piece
the ledge in the rear passenger side
Black seats
Defrost vents
Side view mirror switch