Sep 19, 2009

400 HP Here I Come!!

I've been a little quiet lately, but there have been some major changes on the 7. First of all, I installed an Isuzu NPR front mount intercooler. This isn't one of those, "sticks out of the front bumper with chrome everywhere" types of intercoolers. This specific intercooler is a Garrett core, and fits in front of the stock radiator on a 2nd gen RX-7. It actually fits in there so well, that it could pass as a stock piece. It's pretty sleeper!

It didn't look so hot when it first arrived. I mean, it was ok, but there was a lot of corrosion on the front fins, and they were pretty bent up. I cleaned it up with some solvent, break cleaner, and needle nose pliers. I tired to straighten most of the fins, but it's painstaking.

Turblown, once again, did an excellent job on the install. It looks really clean, and functions perfectly. I was really trying to keep the AC condenser, but for now, it got cut... I am dead set on having AC in this car, so one way or another, I will find a way to get a condenser back on the car.

We've been out tuning quite a bit lately. Trying different things, and I was having some issues with two mods in particular. The Wastegate and the Blow Off Valve. I'm not really sure what was going on there, but once I tried adding an Electronic Boost Controller, those two things started acting up. Turns out my old-school HKS sequential bov is leaking pretty good now, and my wastegate was somehow getting jammed. I replaced the wastegate and went up in spring size; from a 9psi spring, to a 18psi spring!!! I un-installed the Boost Controller out of suspicion that is doesn't work and am just sticking with the wastegate for now.

Recently, Turblown started getting these really sexy looking heat shields. It looks so sweet under the hood, I had to grab one. He even makes them for a 3-Rotor... Not that I want anything to do with one of those money pits!! HaHaHa!

We went out tuning and it was scary fun. 18psi with lower than ambient intake temps really makes the car move. It was hitting 18 psi by about 5k RPMs. Then a little problem arrived, the spark was breaking up at high RPM. Those 20 year old coils just couldn't handle the power. Today, Turblown just finished installing a couple of MSD Blaster 2 coils and the car is ready for a little tuning once again.

I still haven't fixed the leaky BOV, looks likes I'll have to shop for a new one...