Jan 25, 2009

Data Logs

Data Logs

Last Thursday I did some 1st through 4th pulls with one jet post-compressor. The truth here is my pre-compressor jet was stuck closed. I was using a spring loaded jet at this location. I switched it after these tests.

One Jet, Post Compressor Night time pull. 65* Estimated Outside temp

1st thru 4th gear, One Nozzle after the Compressor. 50/50 Water/Meth
You can easily see the AIT's (in BLUE) climb immediately in boost, then take small little drops through out the 4 gears. Not too bad, actually seeing AIT drop during boost is a great success, but the initial climb is a little steep, from 73 to 87, about 15 degrees. And my goal is LOWER than ambient temps under boost.


Today, I spent some time fine tuning the 2 jet system. I swapped the spring loaded jet for a better style, and swapped steel fittings for stainless steel. I also finished installing my pressure switch LED. If the lines get clogged, the LED turns off and boost time is over. I will get some 1st through 4th logs tomorrow to "compare apples to apples". This is all I got today.

Two Jets; One Pre, One Post Compressor Day time pull. 78* Estimated Outside temp
1st Gear Pull, Two Jets. 50/50 Water/Meth.
For some reason, AIT's always climb a little in 1st gear. I am still working on this, might be the Turn-On point. All other gears it drops.

3rd Gear, Two Nozzles. 50/50
This is great right here. There is a 30* drop in 2 seconds!!! I love it!! From 95* to 68* (about 10* BELOW ambient). I know this isn't a great log because I didn't get to bang the gears, but it was great to see AIT drop so drastically and notice how they stay low long after the AI pump is off.

Jan 8, 2009

Engine Bay Clean Up

Engine Bay Clean Up

Just added this radiator panel. Cleans it up quite a bit and gives me a place to put all my stickers... ;)