Apr 7, 2009

Stupid Suspension

I am attempting to make my car look like this /\ with all 4 rims matching (thanks Photoshop). For some reason, it's been a HUGE challenge. When I bought the BBS rims, only two had rubber. When I got around to buying the other two tires, the Yokohama ES100s had been discontinued. I was lucky enough to find two matching tires at www.TireRack.com. I finally bought rubber for the front BBS rims, and took the car to the tire shop to get the tires mounted and balanced. The tire shop called me and said they couldn't mount the rims, unless I wanted the front tires to stick out past the front fender. I said thanks, but no thanks.

The problem is, the stock front suspension will not allow these wider, 8", rims to mount without rubbing the spring perch. They said I needed coilovers to make these fit. I test fit them once I got home, just to see how far off it was.

With stock replacement struts, with Racing Beat springs up front, I am about 1.5 - 2" off. The tire just barely rubs, but I think there needs to be sufficient clearance to turn. So it looks like I'll need to spend some money and get the front coilovers done. Until then, I'm riding beater-style, with my mis-matched rims :(