Jun 19, 2008

Total Specs To Date

Total Specs To Date

ENGINE: Build by Turblown
New, Polydyn Coated Rotor-housings
Polydyn Coated Rotors
Polydyn Coated Oil Pump
New Polydyn Coated Journal Bearings
Balanced Assembly
Smooth, Street Ported Secondary Intake Ports
Large Exhaust Ports
Oil Flow Modification (oil feeds into both Rotors, Splits at Oil Filter)
Turblown Engine Stud Kit
FD Stationary Gear
New Mazda Seals/Engine Build Kit
Re-Surfaced Irons (ALL)
Turblown Relocated Oil Filter Pedastal, Large WIX Oil Filter, JAZ Catch-Can
Turblown Stainless Steel Oil Lines With AN Fittings (ALL)
Modified Oil Filler Neck (Shortened with No Bend, Hose Attached for Catch-Can)
ACT Street/Strip Clutch
Slightly Lighter Stock FlyWheel
Polyuethane Motor Mounts
Polyuethane N'ver Break Differential Mount
Throttle Body Modification
Higgi Throttle Body Elbow
Short, NA, Throttle Cable
New Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder
Stainless Steel MazdaTrix Clutch Line
New Brake Master Cylinder
Silicon Heater Core Hose
FD Alternator, With Dual Belt Pulley
New Water Pump
Deleted Oil Metering Pump
Intake Manifold Heat Shield
EGR & Coolant Passage Filled (From Intake to Motor)
Emissions Block Off Plates

TURBO: Kit by Turblown
Garrett T04E, .60/1.24 AR
Turblown Polydyn Coated Divided Tubular Manifold
Turblown 3.5" Downpipe
Tial 38mm WasteGate to Atmosphere
9lbs Spring
MagnaFlow Oval 24" Muffler in the Middle (3.5" to 2.5")
MagnaFlow Cylindrical 18" Muffler on the Tip
Custom Cold Air Intake
K&N 10" Cone Intake Filter
Old School HKS SQ Blow Off Valve

MoTeC M2R, Rotary Specific Engine Management System. Advanced Tuning Enabled
MoTeC Harness, Sensors, TPS, Injector Clips, 3Bar MAP, CAS, Intake Temp, Water Temp, etc.
Base Map, Ignition Map, Lambda Map by Paul Yaw
Walbro 225 L/H High Flow Pump
Bosch 1600cc Purple Tops, Deadband Timing by Paul Yaw
Stock 550cc High Impedence, Deadband Timing by Paul Yaw
Innovative LC-1 Lambda Controller and O2 Sensor, controlled by MoTeC

10mm MagnaCore Wires
Stock Spark Plugs, Replaced Every 3-5000 Miles

AUXILLARY INJECTION: Installed/Tuned by Turblown
Devil's Own 150psi Pump
1.5 Gallon Pump-Mount Tank (Mounted In Rear Driver Bin)
2 Stage Injection (one small Pre-compressor, 1 large Post-Compressor)
Check Valves on Both Jets
Cooling Mist Pressure Sensor
All Stainless Steel Lines
Controlled by MoTeC

Rear Koni 2-Way Adjustable Coil-Overs, Dampening/Ride Height from FJBltd.com
110lbs Spring
Front Tokico Blue Factory Replacements
BBS Gold Meshies 16X8
Yokahama ES100 255\45 16
Drilled Front Brake Rotors
Manual Steering Rack

Black Series 5 Interior Conversion, 90% Complete
Cheap Plastic Dual Pod Pillar Cluster
52 mm AutoMeter UltraLite EGT Gauge
52mm AutoMeter UltraLight Water Temp Gauge
AutoMeter Pod Mounted on Steering Wheel Surround
52mm AutoMeter Phantom Boost Gauge
Innovate LCD Lambda Gauge
Greddy Turbo Timer
Custom Short Shifter (Stock Shifter Cut and Welded)
Battery Relocated in Rear Passenger Bin, 1Gauge Cable, New Terminals
Moroso Sealed Battery Box, Vented outside
Bosch Relay Added to Headlight Wiring Harness

New NippenDenso Compressor
New Drier
New GoodYear Rubber Compressor Hoses
New O-Rings in All Metal Lines

Series 5 Wing
Wiperless Rear Hatch
POR15 Fuel Tank Sealer Kit

EMISSIONS: (not installed)
I have a Separate Exhaust system to Run During Testing. It is a Catalytic Converter with a length of Pipe that bolts up to the Dowpipe.
I also have the Charcoal Canister, Air Pump, all Hoses and Brackets

Jun 15, 2008

The Local Meet

The Local Meet

Mine. Yeah, I need to get some matching rims... A fellow www.AZMazdaClub.com member helped me represent the Mazda's.

These are a few pics from the local meet at 91st Ave and Northern. Every Friday there are a ton of folks out there. This week was mainly for the Hot Rads, but a couple rotor-heads and imports showed up.

These guys are from a local club called Nemesis. We'll probably meet up with them regularly.


1966 and 2008 pony.
I should've taken more pics. There was a Studebaker, Grand National, Cobra and LOTS more. I was lazy! Next week, I'll get some more.