Jun 3, 2007

Interior Design

Interior Design

Here are some pics of the PERFECT s4 stereo surround. I got this for $5 at the junkyard. The two screws behind the vents don't match up, but it's hard to tell.

I switched back to the s4 shifter surround because the rubber s5 one doesn't fit with this stereo surround. I am also using the s5 vents. They actually don't fit in there perfectly, but as long as I'm not launching, it stays put.

Now stereo for now, but it still looks clean.

Just another detail shot of some of the s5 interior peices fit in my s4.

The series 5 b-pillar trim didn't fit, I painted the s4 b-pillar trim so it blends in a little better.
The plastic wheel well trim fit. but I had to trim the bin support to make it fit.