Aug 17, 2011

I'm Creepin

So, I've moved halfway across the country but was browsing PHX craigslist and ran across the old beast. Sad enough, she was for sale as a shell  :(  I gotta admit, it made me a little sick to my stomach to hear that the car was being parted out. Sad day indeed...

It looks like the new owner put s5 tails, and an s5 front bumper on her...  Not a fan at all. Although, i love that Odula lip!!

The ad says that the front rotor has two blo.... well, here, I'll just copy it in.

Perfect Mazda Rx-7 Shell/Parting - $2700 (Mesa)

Date: 2011-08-15, 4:42PM MST

I want 2700 OBO for the body as she sits with the new tires and gorgeous S5 BBS wheels, lights, interior etc etc etc is all included except the motor.

I'm also parting the 380whp motor SEPARATELY. Has two blown apex seals on the front rotor.
MAKE OFFERS on these parts please.
The turbo and MoTec are worth quite a bit I'll take 1k each though.
T04 turbo. DevilsOwn methanol injection kit, MoTec tuneable computer with software included, custom exhaust, intercooler MSD ignition etc etc etc.
Less than 10k miles on the turbo build.
Email is preferred but feel free to text/call be sure to leave a voice-mail.. XXXXXXXXX