Nov 8, 2007

Lambda Control

Lambda Control

I have been spending some time lately with Paul at on tuning the M2R. He is a MoTeC dealer and knows the software pretty well. At first, things were happening like magic. I gave him my map, he went over it and sent it back. The car was immedietly running better and he'd never even seen my car!
He convinced me to purchase the advanced tuning options, and we enabled lambda control. This is a pretty sweet feature, and you can read all about it HERE. We were having some issues with the lambda input coming from the AEM UEGO controller. We went through countless hours with a multimeter, and re-tracking wires; and all to no avail. The AEM gauge/controller output (in voltage) NEVER matched what the manual said it was supposed to be.

I got seriously pissed with this product, and tried using their Tech Support. They basically told me that I was wrong... So I sold the unit the next day, and traded it in for the Innovate LC-1. Unlike the AEM, I can actually program the output of the gauge to what ever voltage scale I want (AEM only gives you 5 modes).

I have yet to install the LC-1, but will hopefully have it in tonight. The tuning is coming along pretty nicely on the car, but without a proper lambda reading, I'll eventually need to go over some of the map again.

Here is the digital gauge it came with. I outputs the same lambda readings the MoTeC outputs, but the decimal point is moved to the wrong spot. So instead of reading .98 it reads 9.8. I'll mount the gauge, LED and reset button over the stock boost gauge.