Aug 3, 2009

Old vs New

That little nub there is supposed to be the pivot ball!! HAHA!

I busted the clip on the clutch fork and the clips in the pilot bearing.
This explains some of the issues I was having shifting. After I replaced all the clutch hydraulics, the car shifted really smooth for about a week. Then the symptoms came back. It was getting a little old. So we dropped the tranny and found all these pieces, in pieces.
Here are the symptoms I was having:
•different resistance on the clutch pedal every time I got in the car
•trouble getting in gear
•trouble getting out of gear
•car would move forward while trying to get in gear (with clutch down)
•reverse? not a chance
After installing the new parts, we adjusted the clutch pedal as well. Now the car shifts smoother than it EVER has... And it should. Everything but the actual transmission is brand new.

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